Skin Care

Skin Care

Planta Elcaptain Lotion
Sun Reflector

  • A Sunrays Reflector Lotion
  • An effective UV reflector lotion, prevents the Sunrays to penetrate the human skin

Planta Elcaptain Lotion
Skin Allergy

  • Lotion for the skin sensitivity
  • A Skin Conditioner, allays  the skin inflammations

Planta Elcaptain Lotion
Skin Whitening

  • A lotion for skin color lightening
  • Removes Freckles & blackheads

Planta Elcaptain Lotion
Slimming Lotion

  • A Slimming Lotion
  • Dissolves fats healthily

Elcaptain Cream
nigella Sativa

  • intensive care skin
  • A skin conditioner.
  • support the epidermis vitality
    makes skin more soft

Planta Elcaptain Powder
With natural Herbs

  • To sweat smell removal

Set Elhosn Cream
groom Scrub

  • Cleanses, moisturizes & softens the epidermis, removes the blackheads & dead cells, and supports skin to be seen healthier and more beautiful

Planta Elcaptain
Morrocan Soap

  • Cleanses perfectly, moistens the skin, makes it more soft

Planta Elcaptain Cream
Cyprus Extract

  • A Cream prevents the hair growth
  • Decreases the nutrients reaching to the hair roots, so weakens the hair growth