Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Colocynth Ointment

  • A Strong sedative for the Rheumatic pains
  • An Antiphlogistic
  • A Massage ointment for gout treatment
  • Uses for sciatica treatment
  • Uses for the Acute Arthritis treatment
  • A sedative for the Convulsivant muscles pains and stiffness joints
  • An effective massage ointment for athletes

Ostrich Fat Cream

  • Knee roughness
  • Spine pain; cervical and dorso-lumbar vertebrae pain
  • Rheumatoid and joint sprains
  •  Gout

Black seed oil ointment

  • Relieves headaches and pain due to cold and sinusitis.
  • Lessens vertebral roughness and muscle fatigue.
  • Relieves neuralgias.
  • Relieves inflammations and rheumatic pains.