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WE, EL CAPTAIN company for extracting natural oils, plants and cosmetics “Cap Pharm “ which is a well known & reputable name in Egypt , the Middle East ,
most of european countries and united states of America
The company was founded in 1938 based on the principle of ”Back To Nature” on the hands of Mr. Sadad Abu Zeid Mostafa while we had the honor of laying the foundations of this principle and thought alongside the journey of giving distinction from grandfather to sons to grandchildren.
There has been an ongoing success due to the continuity of this thought & approach where the principle of “Back to nature from nature treasures” has been embedded
In 1990 under the leadership of Pilot Abu Zeid Sadad Abu Zeid, the Chairman of the company whereas oil has been produced and extracted from seeds, herbs and natural plants with the latest universal techniques and quality standards after many scientific researches carried out by a large group of Egyptian scientists specialized in this field

In 1992, The Company’s products have been registered at the Ministry of Health which confirmed our leadership through applying the best criteria in natural plants industry, and returning to nature
Hence, EL CAPTAIN company for extracting natural oils, plants and cosmetics “Cap Pharm “ is one of the largest companies in Egypt and the Middle East in producing natural oils, food and therapeutic products as well as cosmetics .

The Company has produced 140 products of oils, cosmetics and henna hair whereas some oils are related to hair among which therapeutic food that’s completely free of chemicals in which its production depends on plants’ seeds and natural herbs without adding any chemical component Experiments have proved its excellent efficacy as human restores health, vitality and overcoming a lot of diseases. Out of preserving the principle of returning to nature which we already had started
more than 70 years ago from giving and distinction, we have precedence leadership in this field as our history proves more than 70 years of developments, tradition and success.