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10 Reasons to Get Friendly With Watercress Oil:

1. UV protectant – Although we don’t suggest using this instead of sunscreen, watercress can be applied as a base layer. It protects from UV rays and provides some extra moisture under sunscreen.

2. Protects from skin cancer – This goes right along with keeping you free from burns. Watercress Seed Oil is a natural, mild skin protectant so it keeps you safe from harmful rays that cause skin cancer. Consider this your first line of defense to lock moisture in and keep harmful rays out.

3. Stimulates hair growth – Watercress has rich nutrients that when applied, stimulate your hair follicles and create growth. Apply a teaspoon or two onto your scalp for two hours before shampooing and give a little massage for a fuller head of hair. Who doesn’t want that?!

4. Prevents hair loss – Along with promoting growth, a good watercress scalp massage will also strengthen your hair follicles and prevent hair loss. We recommend giving your scalp a good massaging once a week for a month or so to see the benefits.

5. Stimulates brow growth – Not only does this work on your head but this oil also can be applied to your brows to stimulate growth. Hello, Cara Delevingne brows.

6. Great moisturizer – Full of Vitamin C, this oil soaks into dry or damaged skin, leaving it hydrated all day. Also, try this before bed as an overnight face treatment.

7. Powerful anti-aging serum – With so many free radicals, which are pretty much just bad molecules that come from stress or even a good workout, floating in your system, you need lots of antioxidants to fight and rebuild damaged cells. Watercress is full of antioxidants that, when applied, overpower free radicals, soak your skin, and leave it firmer and younger looking.

8. Natural skin detoxifier – Watercress is also a disinfectant, so applying purifies and cleanses from harmful bacteria, leaving your skin fresh. Apply it to chapped elbows, knees, and heels to keep from getting extra dry skin again or other breakouts.

9. Clears up acne – Speaking of breakouts, along with detoxing your skin, watercress also helps clear acne and heal scars.

10. Treats more serious skin conditions – Watercress is a healing oil, and is known to treat conditions like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

With all of these amazing topical benefits, there is no doubt that watercress can do more for you then add an interesting mix to your meal. Try incorporating this oil in daily for the best results (you can try a few times a day if you are feeling especially spicy). If you are looking for that radiant glow, safe & protected skin, and fuller hair, Watercress Seed Oil would definitely do the trick.

What should you look for?

It’s important to find a Watercress Seed Oil that’s pure, organic, cold pressed and unrefined like our Leven Rose Watercress Oil. Cold pressing the seed allows it to be unchanged by heat, locking in the best original benefits of the plant in its most natural form available for your skin. Also, be sure it’s stored in a dark amber glass bottle to protect it from harmful UV rays, which helps preserve its shelf life.

What does Watercress Oil look / smell like?

With as powerful as this pressed oil is, it’s not surprising it might be a bit intense at first use. Its strong earthy, yet nutty aroma is telling of its density, along with its pressed juice-like dark green color (almost like a kale juice!). Many users have not only fallen in love with its transformative properties but grown attached to its natural scent too!